The Railway Inn - March 2006

By Matt Golding

Maybe it’s just the Sunday blues, but Clearlake never really get off the blocks this evening. They're here at The Railway to promote the release of new single 'Neon' [Domino Records, March 20th]. Perhaps in a different time and place they would have set the room alight, but the sad fact is that both the band and the crowd, frankly, look knackered and the material just isn’t working. Each song ticks over at the same pace; a collection of stock repeated phrases lacking any real musical vision or lyrical depth. The band are aware of this though and, refreshingly, engage with the audience over the fact. What follows is an hour of anecdotes, jokes and friendly banter, interspersed with musical interludes – creating an intimate atmosphere which is actually a pleasure to be a part of. Musically uninspiring they may be, but you’re unlikely to see a nicer bunch of chaps on stage anytime soon.