Volume - Live

Lennons - February 2006

By Tim Bekir

Volume arguably look how a band should look in these post-everything times - a mishmash of self-aware, genre-crossing fashion, tattoos and geeky individuality. Their image is a precursor to their sound; a sonic and visual blend of contradictions. The song 'Infamy' in particular displays a band that go further with their music than their contemporaries. Volume create a textured, layered sound, fused with odd time signatures and front man Edward Morris’ convulsive energy and sing-a-long melodies. Their music is knowingly accessible, not through simplicity but through intelligent song writing. Their set feels disappointingly short but maybe that’s the plan. I’m unable to stop humming the hooky choruses, and so not satisfied with my mediocre interpretations. I know, and I suspect Volume know, that it would be madness if I and the rest of the crowd tonight didn’t come back for more.