Thomas Joseph - Profile

Why you have such a ridiculous name:

Don’t blame me, blame my mum!


Written and performed by Thomas Joseph, drums performed by Ollie Austin.

Website: &

When & how you formed:

Formed though boredom, heartbreak and head aches.

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?:

At a gig near you!

The kinda sounds you play:

It's acoustic chilled out music. Some say like Jack Johnson. Check out the review on the Fly Wessex.

Your heroes:

Lennon (in spite of Yoko), Cobain (it was murder!).

Your thoughts on world politics:

Leave me out of it!

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. You can get my music free if you ask nicely.
2. I will be touring in the summer and will do my best to do a gig near you if you ask.
3. I do my best to get back to everyone who contacts me.