Russell Edmonds

4-Track EP Review

by Jo Daley

For the purposes of this review, I have listened to the Russell Edmonds CD about five or six times now, and I'm struggling to find a reason to do so again. All four songs sound like a mesh of lazily-pasted songs by other bands I vaguely appreciate. There are tones of The Libertines, The Kinks and Oasis. I could go on if it got any more interesting. It’s music you think you’ve heard before… and you probably have – just not by Russell Edmonds. The first song, ‘Funny Old World’ is dull, in a draining kind of way. I feel like I’m being washed down a plughole as I listen to it. The following songs do nothing to cover the mistakes of the first. I get the feeling there’s not much to sing about, but it gives someone the chance to wear a scarf and play guitar to young girls. It’s patronising music, spelling out obvious sounds for you. Dry, mumbled, out of tune lyrics merge with the beige music. It’s a bit like being locked in a bare room with woodchip wallpaper and being forced to listen to an annoyingly jingly guitar noise, topped with lazy drums and sloppy whatever else is thrown in. I occasionally remember some words and want to spit them out of my head, for their lethargic lolling fitted in style. Leave the rhymes to Wordsworth, boys. If you don’t like regurgitated rip offs, you won’t like Russell Edmonds.