The Mag - Profile

The role you play in the music industry:

Music magazine solely for unsigned and independent bands.

Name of your organisation:

The Mag


All over the UK.

Contact Details:


Any discounts your offer:

All of the content is free, including MP3 downloads. We cover costs through advertising, which is available at a discounted rate to unsigned bands (1/2 price).

Any causes, policies or things you feel passionate about:

We are passionate about music, you only need to read our rants page to see the evidence. The whole purpose of The Mag is to highlight the incredible talent that’s available outside of the High Street CD shop and Top 40.

The top five reasons readers would use you over your competitors:

1. We have 400,000 visitors a month to our website, which is a lot of people reading about your band if you get featured.
2. All our MP3s are totally free.
3. We have a great gig listing that you can submit your live dates on for free and browse what’s on in your area. (TFW's listings come from The Mag, see here for details)
4. Our reviews are totally independent and honest.
5. We have great cartoon versions of ourselves on the site if you search hard enough!

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