Mach Schau

Live - The Joiners - March 2006

Image by Jay Kronis

by Tim Bekir

The Joiners is rammed tonight. Barely enough room to breathe and no room at all to get a respirator into the building should anyone in the crowd actually stop breathing. Such health issues dissipate when Mach Schau kick off with their first song. Energetic and aggressive, Mach Schau are definitely up for it and so are the crowd, oblivious to tonight’s poor sound quality. The performance is executed with a confidence most bands would kill for, but for all their bravado Mach Schau come across as trying desperately to be current. Wanting to be Arctic Monkeys one song and Babyshambles the next. A lack of diversity doesn’t dampen the energy of tonight’s show though, proving that when it comes to rock and roll, whether you like it or not, sometimes all you need is a large slice of attitude.