Going My Way Presents...

Clark + The Media Lounge + 65daysofstatic
The Opera House
- March 2006

I walked in and The Miramar Disaster had already heavily chewed through their set. It wasn’t late; it was just gone 8pm, but the night started at 7 and went on ‘till 11. What are we, like 15 years old? Pint 1: The crowd nod their heads in a faux head bang, whilst sipping beers and the band finished. It’s unfair of me to review them on the strength of two songs, so I’ll stop there. Pint 2: Clark, formerly - and probably still is - Chris Clark, primed his gear and slammed buttons, tickled knobs and fannied about with electronic wizardry. He doesn’t use decks he uses Midi equipment. What you get is a loosely held together musical sound that flirts with Drum ‘n’ Bass, Disco handclaps and electro eccentricity. The sound teeters on the edge of musical oblivion and, just as it tips towards certain death, a sonic lifeline appears out of nowhere and saves it. Pint 3: The Media Lounge get out their Ginsu blades and slice visuals and music from DFA 1979, Kylie, The Chippendales, Tatu, Captain America and others into a half-hour of visual sushi. Salty, spicy as wasabi and just as colourful and well presented. Pass the chopsticks I want more. Pints 4 & 5: 65daysoftatic frenetically and voraciously devour their 12-song [!] playlist, from ‘Ghosts’ to their new single‘Radio Protector’. The band are adept at creating a vast instrumental wall of sound. The bricks are heavy but the mortar is tranquil, soulful and morose - in equal measures. Being honest, it gets a bit monotonous. There was a mic onstage but it was like a coccyx or an appendix – possibly a relic of a bygone era as it was only used to say ‘thanks’ to everyone on the tour.