Commercial Profile

The role you play in the music industry:

Original, eye-catching, badass websites for the masses.

Name of your organisation:

err… Naomi



Contact Details:


Any discounts your offer:

Preferential rates for unsigned bands. Drop me a line and we can discuss.

Work you have done in the past; the highlights:

The Fly Wessex site!
The Common Redstarts Site -
The Ninjafest 05 site -
The Psychofags In BinBags site -

Any causes, policies or things you feel passionate about:

I do special rates for unsigned bands and I don’t deal with major labels. Watch my scene points rack up.

The top five reasons readers would use you over your competitors:

1. Originality
2. Good rates
3. Quality
4. Good hair
5. 100% meat-free

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