EP Review - 'Be Yourself'

By Jo Daley

I am going to be honest, I like this and I know why. The first song on the EP ‘Be Yourself’ is an early 90s, haunting, jolly song brushed with chanting rhythmic style. It keeps me guessing as to what comes next, each drop of rhythm or bass are cleverly placed. The second song ‘Slow’ is my favourite. The Twiggy Ramirez-esque riff pulls you like a train to the next stop; you don’t know if you’re going to stop in the middle of a hippie festival or a rock concert. Dave’s vocals echo with tones of Jim Morrison, Thom Yorke and Ben Ottewell. I feel like I’m running through a maze with 10 foot high bushed walls, it’s snowing, there’s helicopters overhead shining their spotlights down on me and every time I think I’ve found the way out, I trip over my own expectations; I’m surprised by a twist and I’m running again. The third song ‘Sunlight Darkening’ holds beautifully its dark harmonies which twist in and out of the melodic guitar with heavy but graceful skill. The song builds to a Beta Band breakdown, letting me catch my breath, stopping to poke its tongue out, then starts running again. These boys have got something good. They know how to keep me wanting more. These three songs are the past, present and future. This EP is alive, it’s moving and breathing and leaving a trail of sweets behind it as it races ahead. Check out if you want proof.