Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
February 2006

Stellastarr’s brand of slightly quirky, intelligent rock is just what the Wedge has been missing in recent times. They have an energy level that gets heads turning, but are still ‘clever’ enough that the average metal head turns in the opposite direction. Talking Heads, Pixies, Interpol are all present in their interesting composite, and it’s one that comes highly recommended. Blazing through an hour’s set they showcased a back catalogue of startling quality and more than enough to suggest their new record, ‘Harmonies for the haunted’, won’t disappoint any fans. But it’s not just musically that the band impress. From singer Shawn Christensen’s David Byrne-esque histrionics to guitarist, Michael Jurin’s manic soloing while writhing on his back, the visual show is equally enthralling. Stellastarr* are definitely an act well worth catching, whether to look on in awe or bewilderment. And it’s not often you get to say that.