SixNationState's New Single

'Keep Dancing' (Worst Case Scenario Records)

©2006 Stuart Leech -

by Matt Golding

SixNationState’s debut single 'Keep Dancing' is an energetic, angry, break-up rebound bender. The driving syncopation, breathless guitar hooks and passionate vocals create a simultaneous cacophony of expectation and ball grabbing payoff. Heartfelt, relentless and noisy, even the quieter bridge section contains a promise of the screaming finale to come. This may not be the most staggeringly unique use of a few guitars and a drum kit but it is original and refreshing nonetheless - the experience is exciting and the performance is tight to the end. This is a single that captures all of the nihilistic euphoria, pace and frustrated, infectious angst of rock music at it’s best. SixNationState may not have reinvented the rock genre, but they’ve taken a damn good snapshot. Keep Dancing is released March 27th on Worst Case Scenario Records.