Ejector Seat - Profile

The role you play in the music industry:


Name of your organisation:

Ejector Seat



Contact Details:

Andy Rossiter 07709451659
Mac Ince 07979792916



Any discounts you offer:

Bands that have played at our previous nights get in for free.

Work you have done in the past; the highlights:

Our first gig (16 March 2003), with 65daysofstatic, through to our last. YMSS, Redjetson, iLiketrains, Bearsuit, Help She Can’t Swim, Thomas Truax, so many great memories!

Any causes, policies or things you feel passionate about:

Just the music and hoping people will enjoy the bands we love.

The top five reasons readers would use you over your competitors:

1. We treat the bands like artists, not a route to a $.
2. We genuinely only promote bands we like, so can say “no” if it doesn’t grab us.
3. We invite bands to play that otherwise would be ignored locally.
4. If your readers true interest is the music, and not some fashion fad, we are your guys.
5. If readers fancy hearing something fresh, and maybe something they’ve not heard before, check us out.

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