Commercial Profile

The role you play in the music industry:

Video production for up and coming bands

Name of your organisation:

Silvertip Films



Contact Details:


Any discounts your offer:

10% off for anyone who quotes “FLYONLINE” when contacting us.

Work you have done in the past; the highlights:

Debut music video for Hijera, live shoots for theOracleboy and soon their debut music video, live shoot for Cujo, live shoot for Draven and various other bands as well as short films and corporate videos.

Any causes, policies or things you feel passionate about:

We like new music! We like working with bands who are on the ascent and want to get themselves exposed and get seen, and are passionate about what they do.

The top five reasons readers would use you over your competitors:

1. Our work is vibrant, lively and entertaining – like your music.
2. We are as passionate about filming as you are about music.
3. We want to make you look good and get you seen.
4. We offer a range of services – shooting, editing, web building and graphic designing!
5. Our rates are very competitive!

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