Club NME at The Consortium

Envelopes + Tiny Dancers

Words & Images by Kid73

This instalment of Club NME took the loose shape of a country band from Sheffield and a multinational band that makes its music on a farm in Yorkshire... nowt like a touch of eccentricity to entertain and amuse. Tiny Dancers started their set with 'Sun Goes Down'. By the time they hit their second song 'Deep Water', the semi-circle in front of the stage had evaporated and people were busy moving to what can best be described as 'tight jean country music'. They managed, through their 9-song play list, to somewhat dichotomize the crowd. "They sound like something my mum would listen to”, said my mate Neil. "This country boy's redneck is gettin' warmer - they're great,” said Mez - in a bad accent. For me though, in today’s musical soundscape where everyone has absolute freedom for a change, Tiny Dancers are an instantly comforting sound and about as catchy as tindersticks soaked in petrol. Envelopes on the other hand are a greedy band. Not personally, you understand - they're nice people, but c'mon... three guitars? Again, they managed to split the crowd. "They have too much going on" I hear someone comment, whereas someone else said they were a really tight band that "fuckin' rocked". They played their single 'Free Jazz' first and managed to get the crowd back to the front of the stage - throwing shapes and shaking legs with reckless abandon. By the time they reached their 10th and last ditty ‘Sister In Love’, most of the crowd were enjoying the set with or without lyrical Linguaphone lessons. I like quirky bands that stay out of the mainstream Machiavellian quagmire. And both bands managed this tonight, they just seemed to be out for a good time.