Pinstripe Legacy - Profile

Why you have such a ridiculous name:

Why ask such a ridiculous question? It's cool as fuck!


Jonny Moody- Vocals & Guitars
Paul Range- Lead Guitars
Matt Dunne- Keyboards
Pete Goatley- Drums


When & how you formed:

Started out at school with Paul and Jonny jamming, then Matt arrived and we couldn’t shut him up and after many drummers we found Pete with a smile on his face!

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?:

You won't want your money back!

The kinda sounds you play:

Very old school yet modern sounding indie/mod/rock that you can dance to.

Your heroes:

The Who, The Smiths, Led Zep, The Stone Roses.

Your thoughts on world politics:

Everything would be solved after one listen to our 1st EP, available soon! Check out a preview on the website.

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. We’re gonna be the biggest band in the world.

2. We ain't got a bass player (done on the keys), but luckily sound nothing
like White Stripes.

3. If you wanna know anything else you’ll have to come and see us or check
out the site.

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