Mista Mushroom

The Wedge - Portsmouth - January 2006

by Tommy L

Mista Mushroom are a band I’ve believed should be huge since I first caught a glimpse during the Wedgewood Rooms’ showcase last year. Their playful take on Ska-punk is influenced by such a variety of styles that to try and pigeon-hole it would verge on offensive. Still, ever one to go against the grain, I’m going to try. Yes it’s ska, if you were to use some kind of umbrella term, but there are bits of metal, pop, latino and calypso thrown in for good measure. The songs are all superbly arranged and incredibly dynamic, meaning the set is over long before you’re even remotely ready for their departure from the stage. The real key to their success though, is that their set is not simply a musical performance - as it is for 90% of bands making their way in the world. What sets them apart is the slick stage show. It's carefully choreographed and, along with the charisma that emanates from the stage while they occupy it, will surely bring big things. As the person next to me turned and said, when the show finished and the clamour for an encore began, “it’s always a pleasure to catch these guys.” And he’s not wrong. Besides, who am I to argue with some randomer’s drunken ramblings?