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Why you have such a ridiculous name:

Because our ridiculous guitarist couldn’t think of anything less ridiculous when being pressurised into accepting our first ridiculous gig. It could have been much more ridiculous. We could’ve been called ‘Starsky’.


Ad, Eg, Fea, Gi, Tom




Two albums and three singles (including a cheesy Xmas single).

When & how you formed:

We first started making noises together in January 1995. And we formed like this… [imagine visual gag here]. But if I had to write down an answer to how we formed then I would use phrases like “mates of mates, beer, cigarette breaks and too much time to waste.”

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?:

You were going to pay us money?

The kinda sounds you play:

We play pop. Some say Power Pop. Some say Indie Guitar Jingly Jangly Pop. Some even claim there is an underlying redolence of 80s Pop in there. We like to avoid all that very interesting naval gazing by calling it ‘Pop’. Avoiding the debate generally means we can get to the bar quicker.

Your heroes:

Each other. Plus Alan Shearer and Terry Wogan, of course. Not forgetting Tony Robinson on that archaeology programme. And Kim Wilde. Oh and Paul Heaton, Glen Tilbrook, Roddy Frame, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and the entire cast of the Kids From Fame. That’ll do it for now.

Your thoughts on world politics:

Sometimes, yes.

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. T-Shirts, badges, CDs, Mugs and matchbooks are all available from our website.
2. As is the amazing monthly Loopy popcast which you can download and listen to for free on your mp3 player or your computer, just visit the website.
3. Our songs are “just too catchy”. Hear for yourself by visiting the website or buy a CD from the website, or at gigs.

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