Closest Thing To Closure

Skylines and Horizons Debut EP
January 2006

Wearing their influences clearly on their sleeves, Closest Thing to Closure are the next band to emerge from the thriving Isle of Wight youth scene. Forming in autumn of 2005, and already making a name for themselves, they are currently gigging in support of ‘Skylines and Horizons’, their debut recording. Opening track ‘Playscript Tragedy’ sets the tone and gives a clear indication of what to expect for the next fifteen minutes: screeching guitars and solid rhythms combined with the screams of singer Damien Hackett, typifying the post-hardcore sound popularised by bands such as Senses Fail and Silverstein. Considering their time together, CTTC show an admirable proficiency that is only let down by its repetitiveness and the weakness of the sung vocal in the chorus. ‘Memories Turned To Ashes’ continues this trend; a recurrent guitar line, again reminiscent of Senses Fail, is played throughout. After a couple of minutes, this not only becomes very irritating but completely overshadows everything else that the band try to do. Final song ‘Skylines and Horizons’ begins with a different feel, brighter with a more upbeat, punky melody. However, before too long, it too is subject to overactive lead guitar, in fact recycling, albeit in a different key, the guitar line from the previous song. Whilst what’s on display here shows promise, I get the overriding feeling that with a little time, CTTC will be much, much better. Given their relative infancy as a band, ‘Skylines and Horizons’ is an achievement to be proud of, learn from and improve upon next time.