Interview With Eddie Argos

Art Brut have been making waves in the music industry since the release of their album ‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’ earlier in 2005 - released on Fierce Panda/Banana Recordings. They are well known for their comical lyrics, having a drummer who stands up and Bournemouth lad, and eccentric front man, Eddie Argos who has a penchant for taking his shoes off onstage. I managed a quick interview with Eddie before he jumped on stage at The Consortium in Bournemouth:

Kid73: How does it feel to be back in Bournemouth?
Eddie Argos: It's funny - last time I was here I was being punched in the head by a bouncer in The Villa. I was saying that to Iggy (lead singer with the support band) downstairs and he said, "Who hasn't?"

Kid73: How long have you been back for?
Eddie Argos: We just arrived as we pulled up for the sound check. I wanted to get here earlier as my family are here but the traffic held us up for ages.

Kid73: Is your Mum taking you out for some food?
Eddie Argos: Yeah and my Dad wants to do the same thing so I might get two dinners. It's my Dad’s 50th birthday today but I haven't got any money to get him a present so I was trying to avoid him until I could get him one and now we're playing. So I might try and pretend the gig is for his birthday.

Kid73: So how has it been? Since I last saw you there's been a tour of the USA.
Eddie Argos: Yeah we have done the USA and we are on the front cover of the German Rolling Stone. Our next tour is of 1000 capacity venues.

Kid73: And you've supported Oasis...
Eddie Argos: Yeah, about a month ago. We've supported The Prodigy too. Liam Gallagher really likes the song 'Modern Art' because we saw him at the side of the stage going, "fookin' 'ave it!" (he puts a fist in the air).

Kid73: Did the Americans get your sense of humour?
Eddie Argos: Yeah, yeah, they did. It was cool. Bands like Jack Berwick and Jonathan Richman do the same sort of stuff over there - like kinda serious but jokey music. Sometimes I was being a bit offensive, for a joke. Like I was introducing the band and saying "look at Freddie, doesn't she play well for a girl?" Everyone was like (inhales dramatically) and I was thinking I'm quite clearly joking! Onstage in New York I said I don't like The Strokes because I thought it would be funny and everyone was "oooooooh". I was only joking but it was very funny.

Kid73: So where are off after this?
Eddie Argos: Bedford. No one knows why we're going to Bedford. It's Bournemouth - Bedford - Barcelona. We're doing all the Bs.

Kid73: Are you playing any new material for us tonight?
Eddie Argos: Yeah, we have got a new song called 'Sam Powley'. It's not quite finished yet but we've started playing that and 'Blame It On The Trains'. We were playing that at Route Du Rock. We've got a new song but we're not playing it yet, it might be the new single. We've got three songs that might be the new single; we’re not sure which one it's going to be yet.

Kid73: So how long until you're in the studio again?
Eddie Argos: We're back next week, early December, just to do the single. I kinda like singles; I like doing singles not from the album.

Kid73: Yeah it's good you can get up a collection of B Sides for later in the career.
Eddie Argos: (laughs) Yeah. I always like bands that do that - release singles that aren't on albums. It's more value for money isn't it?

Kid73: Are there any support slots coming up or any that you want to do?
Eddie Argos: I dunno, it's funny supporting…
Kid73:You want to headline?
Eddie Argos: Well we've always headlined because we can't afford to do tour support. We are too skint and now it's sort of a bit too late in the day. I dunno. I would like to support someone really big. The Oasis gig was cool, they were better than I thought they were going to be.

Kid73: There are loads of people down tonight for the show. We have sold loads of tickets and we have the biggest guest list we've ever had!
Eddie Argos: Really? That's Ian. It's all Ian. I said, ‘how many are on yours?’ He said, "I've got about 15 people" and I said, ‘why don't you just book the venue?’ My Mum bought tickets, did you know that? Emily Kane might come! (Eddie’s ex-girlfriend and muse for their third single ‘Emily Kane’).
Kid73: Really? Last time we talked we were wondering if she would come.
Eddie Argos: Yeah, she lives in London now, but we'll see.

Kid73: Are you still going out with the girl from The Chalets?
Eddie Argos: Yeah, Yeah. Engaged.
Kid73: Wow, it's not that ring you have there is it? (I point to a ring that looks like it came from a Christmas cracker; it has the housing but no gem in it)
Eddie Argos: Yeah it is a little bit; I've got to fix it. I've not seen her since we got engaged.

Kid73: OK well that's about it. Any thanks for anyone from down here - any ex-teachers or anything?
Eddie Argos: I didn't like any of my teachers (laughs). Nah, Miss Johnson was nice, Mr. Docherty was nice. I didn't really like school very much.