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DJ Hammy

Why you have such a ridiculous name:

Because my Mum and Dad gave me the name Hamilton, which was not that surprising as it’s my Dad’s surname! The kids at Mansbridge school decided to call me Hammy. Also Tales Of The River Bank was big back in the mid 60s.


Me, Myself and I. I do have assistants though - Matt and Fraggle.


When & how you formed:

Started out DJ’ing in 1980. There weren’t any clubs for the punks, indie kids, mods, rude boys etc. of the day. I pestered the DJ of the only club that would let us in (The Magnum) so much to play my music he (John Davis) got me my own night at a seedy club in St Mary’s Street to shut me up (it didn’t work though!!).

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?

Usually at home in Swaythling but I’m not giving the address out! Otherwise at The Rhino Club, Waterloo Terrace, Southampton every Wednesday where I run Supersonic. Or at The Dorchester Arms, Onslow Road, Southampton every Saturday where I run Supersonic 2. I’ll also be at Southampton Common graveyard or Itchen Valley Country Park most days, walking the dog.

The kinda sounds you play:

Eclectic and open minded is the name of the game. I run 2 different nights and the music varies depending on the night. If it needs playing I’ll play it!

At the Rhino you can expect indie, punk, emo, rock, metal, alternative, electroclash, ska, Hip Hop, funk, psychedelia, leftfield beats, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s retro and more!

At the Dorchester I play 5 decades of alternative Rock’n’Roll. That covers everything from 70s Punk to Northern Soul to present day indie and other weird and wonderful offbeat music from Alt Country to Glam Rock.

Your heroes:

No heroes just people I admire; Ian Hunter, Ian Curtis, Noddy Holder and anyone who is proactive in animal rights and standing up to bullies of all kinds. Also those who stand up for what they believe in and fight their corner.

Your thoughts on world politics:

I am neither right nor left wing. We would be a whole lot better off without religion poking its nose into how countries are run. No matter how flawed democracy is I believe you should vote because it can make a difference. Bush is the village idiot and his environmental record is appalling! I hated Thatcher but the fat cat union leaders of the 70s have a lot to answer to for frightening people into voting for her in the first place. Dear Mr Blair, we have plenty of wind and sea so Nuclear power is not an option!

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. All round nice guy who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I despise liars, cheats and the apathetic. Plus people who think they are alternative because mummy bought them an off the shelf outfit. Be yourself, not another clone!

2. I am a vegetarian animal rights supporter and I despise organised religion.

3. I love music, Southampton FC, VW Camper Vans, Vespa Scooters, old British comedies (i.e. Ealing and Carry Ons), as well as 60s and 70s TV comedies.

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