The Wedge - November 2005

Right from the start it’s clear that Skin feels she has a point to prove. Entering the stage with all the energy of a bundle of hyperactive eight-year-olds on Sunny D, she kicks us straight into action. Although slightly apprehensive as to what to expect, my fears were soon put to rest by a breakneck beginning and a feverish atmosphere. As you’d expect from a live band made up of the cream of their profession, her musicians couldn’t be faulted. And, frankly, she herself was equally hard to fault. Her voice is never anything less than exceptional,whether she’s belting out a high octane rocker whilst walking through the crowd, or relaying a heartfelt ballad. She also has the kind of presence and charisma that a multitude of current singers would sell their soul for. Musically, the set contained a nice variety in its hour and was well received by a very mixed crowd, especially ‘Weak’ and ‘Hedonism’. And here’s where the only criticism arises. Although it’s somewhat unsurprising, it must still be disappointing for her that by far and away the loudest cheers were reserved for when she dipped into Skunk Anansie’s back catalogue. And whilst the music she’s making is interesting, I’d question whether it’s the right sound to allow her to break into the current art-rock-obsessed alternative scene. Theoretically, decent rock music is timeless but the difficulty for Skin will be to get her new music out to people after the clamour for Skunk Anansie covers dies down.