New Demo

Originally gigging as a two-piece instrumental act, Isle of Wight heavy rock band ‘Rattlesnake’ have progressed further in just a few short months than many groups manage in years. Now a full band, Max Pritchard (Vocals), Dayle Clarke (Guitar), Ben Bowman (Bass), and Robbie Flood (Drums) have just emerged from their first sessions in a professional recording studio, with a three-track demo. The CD opens with the song ‘Adrenaline Hype’, an aptly named example of the band’s balls-to-the-wall guitar riff lead style. Kicking off with a monster riff, soon followed by a full-band aural assault, ‘Adrenaline Hype’ is a perfect introduction for first-time listeners. The song is only let down when the vocals come in; although the gritty quality of Pritchard’s voice is not far short of perfect for Rattlesnake’s gutsy sound, his tuning can, at times, be very problematic. However, a mean guitar solo brings the band’s gusto up a notch and the song ends as strong as it started, leading the demo into its second track ‘Bitter Nature’. ‘Bitter Nature’ features another strong introduction and a powerful Slash-style guitar part in the verse, backed brilliantly by reserved yet compelling bass playing from Bowman. Even the dodgy vocals have improved immeasurably from the opening song. A well-written, structured and performed song. Bitter Nature’s only disappointment is a rather abrupt ending; leaving the catchy guitar line swirling around your head repeatedly, long after the track has finished. Rattlesnake’s final demo offering and bonus track arrives in the form of a cover version. 'Set Me Free' is very close to Velvet Revolver’s original. However, the vocals are so low in the mix, it becomes a struggle to hear them. Much like the rest of the demo, the song is tightly rehearsed, carefully arranged and meticulously performed. One of a very select group of Isle of Wight bands with a touch of originality; Rattlesnake have a lot of potential and, with a little more work, could easily take their sound and become smaller fish in a much bigger pond.