Plastic Toys

Band Profile

A truly creative band will produce music that refuses to immediately divulge their influences. One such band are ‘Plastic Toys’. They formed after lead singer Jon’s college band split, and a new outlet for his continuous songwriting was needed. The members of the current line-up met whilst gigging in their previous bands. Since coming together at the end of 2003, Plastic Toys have seemingly gigged the entire south of England and obtained a strong fan base. Their music is a diverse mix of styles; including goth metal, indie, industrial, and punk. The result is an individual base on which they build their honest lyrics and melodic vocal lines. The first batch of self-produced demos attracted interest from numerous record labels and radio stations (including Radio 1), as well as that of the notable producer Andy Gray, whose CV include acts such as U2 and Korn. With such a large following on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, it's not entirely surprising that Plastic Toys are also turning heads in America; their songs are frequently requested on radio stations in New York, Texas and LA, while a number of US A&R have expressed an interest in the band. With a demo planned for imminent release and an ever-growing fan base, Plastic Toys are expanding their gigging territory and will be playing in most of the country’s major towns and cities in the near future.

The Plastic Toys: Jon (Vocals / Guitar / Programming / Songwriter), Si (Guitar / Vocals), Kitty (Bass), Mike (Drums)