Ollspin - Act Profile



Why you have such a ridiculous name:

It’s a nickname since way back. A spoonerism of my real name Spollin (which, to be honest, is just as ridiculous).


Just me.



When & how you formed:

An indie kid who grew up through the bigbeat explosion before getting into the sounds of nuskool breakbeat, ollspin (aka Spollin) has been DJing and promoting parties since the late nineties, pushing the breaks sound to the ravers and party people of the South Coast

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?

DJing lots across the south coast and playing guest sets all over the country. Every Thursday on the Influenza show on NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk radio and monthly Wednesdays on outofthevoid.co.uk show on X-TremeBeatz.com

The kinda sounds you play:

Mostly hard funky bassline breakbeat, taking in skanking dub, oldskool, garage, and drum&bass influences. Filthy and bass heavy but with a definite party edge.

Your heroes:

Anyone who achieves beyond their limits more than they set out to achieve.

Your thoughts on world politics:

Our voices are often heard but that still doesn’t mean we're being listened to.

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. I founded and am the administrator for south coast dance music website www.outofthevoid.co.uk , an online community that helps to bring the south coast dance music community closer together.

2. I promoted Influenza, Southampton's longest running breakbeat night, from 2001-2005.**

3. Somewhat strangely, for a person who listens to so much dirty dance music and spends most of their time in seedy dark venues hanging out with ravers, I also have a rather unhealthy indie guitar music addiction accompanied by an enormous collection of really crap albums and singles from the mid/late nineties.

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