Objects - Band Profile



Why you have such a ridiculous name:

Our record company named us cos we’re corporate whores.


Steve the Model, Benjamin Xavier Lovegrove, Leon Genre


www.objects.org.uk and www.myspace.com/objects

When & how you formed:

We were all checking out each other’s penises in the toilets of Goblets Wine Bar in Southampton, in 2003. We didn’t look back after that.

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?

The Met Bar.

The kinda sounds you play:

We’re really trying to get a Babyshambles/Libertines thing going on. We thought that would be quite novel.

Your heroes:

Lou Reed and Snap!

Your thoughts on world politics:

People don’t argue with dictators.

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. We love all animals. Except dogs. Dogs are rubbish.
2. Our house is not a hotel.
3. The South made us jaded, London got us laid.

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