Hellcyon - Profile



Why you have such a ridiculous name:

The name describes the music we play. It comes from the word Halcyon meaning calm and tranquil. We play calm and tranquil jazz breakdowns surrounded with heavy mathy metal ie HELL!


Pedro Suppo - Vocals
Chris ' Cronk' Powell - Bass
Tim Kitchen - Drums
Ollie Hannifan - Guitar
Andy Shaw - Guitar


http://http//www.helcyon.co.uk and www.myspace.com/hellcyon

When & how you formed:

January '05. Not really much of a story.

Where can we usually find you if we want our money back or something?

Trust us you won’t. We hope to put on the best show our bodies can do. If that’s not good enough we’ll be hanging around in the practice shed in Warsash. Come and pop a cap in our asses.

The kinda sounds you play:

We pretty much play anything and everything with a Hellcyon twist. The main sound is quite heavy metal although we throw in everything such as calypso, funk, jazz and drum ‘n’ bass. Songs are usually different live with improvised sections. A mix between Opeth, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deep Purple and early Iron Maiden.

Your heroes:

Anybody that can do what they want and get paid for the pleasure. Musicians that we can look up to and aim at their standard of playing

Your thoughts on world politics:

Be excellent to each other and... PARTY ON DUDES!

The top three things readers need to know about you:

1. We came top 18 out of 800 in a national battle of the bands in 2005.

2. Stage props are very, very cool.

3. If you want a party come to a Hellcyon gig ‘cus we play Rock ‘n’ Fucking Roll.

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