Harpoon Larsen Demo

1053 Miles

by Elton Bear

Since Harpoon Larsen handed me their demo, it has been on near-permanent 'repeat'. Their pop-punk ska style impresses me just as much on every run-through as it did the first time I heard it; despite the fact there are only 5 songs on the CD, it is nearly impossible to play them to death (try as I might). The band’s combination of pop guitar riffs, compelling bass lines, catchy melodies and complex brass harmonies compliment the youthful lyrics faultlessly, and put that familiar ‘bounce’ into their music. Harpoon Larsen are just one of hundreds of ska bands in the south. They do, however, have something more to offer, fusing obvious elements of pop into their songs, as well as subtle hints of funk and soul. The tracks ‘J C’, ‘I Know The Antidote’, ‘Mistaken’, ‘1053 miles’ and ‘Goodbye’ are all well rehearsed and scrupulously arranged. They display the band’s enthusiasm for creating music as well as performing it. Harpoon Larsen are nothing new and they aren’t really pushing the limits of any musical boundaries. But what's crucial, in the titanic sea of ska punk bands, is that they are one of a select few who pull it off well. And that's exactly what Harpoon Larsen do.