Deadman Skanking Presents...

Nural - Joiners - November 2005
by Louise Glyde

LA-based Nural blew a breath of fresh air into the Joiners on Thursday night, where they played as part of their UK tour. During a night steeped in hardcore, grunge rock and metal, this five-piece really stood out during their headline slot. Instead of heavy, monotonous guitars and screaming into the microphone, Nural were positively nimble on stage throughout their entire set. These Californian lads, hailed as the next big thing, entertained an appreciative crowd with some high-octane rock. Looking the part with piercings, tattoos, baseball caps and three-quarter length trousers, Nural were heavily guitar-orientated. But they were more than just that. Their sound was melodic, the tunes were catchy and the vocals were clear and powerful. The heartfelt lyrics were delivered with an infectious passion that brought the crowd to life, inspiring them to dance. Most of the set was dynamic and upbeat but Nural showed diversity with several slower, darker, more emotive songs. Being in England for the first time seemed to have strengthened their energy and enthusiasm; there wasn’t a moment they didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves - with plenty of sweat being shed. They were also incredibly grateful to the audience for staying until their set and thanked them, more than once, in their lingering, American lilt - a sweet touch. Nural’s sound gets the feet moving with songs you could sing in the car or the bedroom with just as much enthusiasm as at a gig. They have the potential to do very well over this side of the pond with their accessible and commercial sound. Nural certainly won over some admirers as a result of this showing. Let’s hope they come back!