The Madisuns

by Matt Golding

Struggling artists sit up and take note of what The Madisuns realised long ago – it doesn’t matter how good a band are if no one ever gets a chance to hear the music. Clearly motivated by this philosophy, The Madisuns have spent the two and a half years since they were formed trying to make sure that, like it or not, you’re going to hear their melodic, energetic and harmonically saturated grunge sound at least once before you die. Currently nearing the end of their third self-organised national tour, the band (Tim – Vocals/Guitar, Lee – Vocals/Bass and Richie – Vocals/Drums) have a live history that is exhausting to read, let alone play. This, along with their relentless self promotion (see the band’s website for the opportunity to kit out your dog with an official T-Shirt), has led to their being noticed by all kinds of media types. The band’s first single, ‘Also’, is set for a DVD release with a music video by supposedly renowned director C. S. Baker. It has had airtime on Kerrang Radio and attracted interest from event sponsors Jagermeister, a French car manufacturer planning an ad campaign and an adult movie star (that’s a porno to you and me) looking for a soundtrack. Signed to the Revolver label, The Madisuns’ debut album ‘Standing Here, Waiting to Leave’ is scheduled for a February 2006 release and the band assure fans that the bidding war has already begun over which moist-tongued label will be taking them into the new year. So when The Madisuns say they’re coming for your ears, you’d better believe them - it seems the Holy Grail called ‘Breakthrough’ might only be a whisker away.