The Bullycats

Interview - October 2005
by Louise Glyde

The Bullycats have their sights firmly set on achieving that ever elusive record deal. Over the three and a half years the Winchester-based band have been together, they have established a huge amount of respect and acclaim from music lovers and other bands in the city.They are now hoping to build on their hard-earned, local reputation by embarking on the four-date 'Love What You Live For' tour. Starting at The Railway in Winchester on Saturday October 29, they then go onto Bath, Southampton and Brixton. The Bullycats are Steve Petty, 26 (vocals), Ben Perry, 26 (drums), Dan Everett, 25 (bass), Alex Whitwel and Andrew 'Steeny' Steen, both 27 (guitars). Talking about the birth of the band Steve said: “We all did different things in Winchester. Myself, Steeny and Alex all went to King Alfred’s College and Dan went to the art college. We all got to know each other from being in other bands. We picked the best from each band and formed the Bullycats. Alex’s dad was in a jazz band in the 60s and they were called The Bullycats. As we were having problems finding a name his dad donated the name to us.” The Bullycats have that good old fashioned rock and roll sound which audiences have been appreciating for years. Steve said: “We see our music as a melting pot of what all five of us like. That ranges from old school rock to jazz, but a lot of people would describe our sound as old school rock.” Ben added: “We try to move away from garage rock and do something that’s a combination of both melody and harmony. We’ve also been influenced by modern bands and try to keep in touch with the audience.” Dan mused: “It’s like loving all the stuff your parents had in their music collection and mixing it with what you like now.” The Bullycats are putting the finishing touches to a new four-track demo to add to their four previous releases which, fingers crossed, will be available early November. The band intend to distribute as much of their music as they can, free of charge, at their out of town gigs in an attempt to woo fans. Steve concluded: “We’ve had interest from a couple of record companies. There is always the hope that we will get people talking and someone will take that chance on us.