So Fades The Glory

MP3 Review

"We play rhythm-driven rock with ska/post-hardcore/punk tendencies. Heavily influenced by Hell Is For Heroes, Mewithoutyou, Thursday and The Apple-seed Cast we try to blend raw vocals with soaring chords and rhythmic bass-lines". Self-describing words from Isle of Wight 4-piece ‘So Fades The Glory’, a new band with a promising demo EP and something different to bring to their neck of the woods. They certainly sound like something, but not something you can put your finger on. Pat Quigley’s vocals are not dissimilar to Joe Watson of ‘Jets Vs Sharks’ and the band as a whole play in a style ringing with nostalgia for the South’s music scene of 2002-2003. With eerie guitar work from Max Burnell, Ryan Baker’s erratic drumming and scale-based bass runs from Neil Ogilvie. The style really could work with a bit more practice and material. The first of two songs available to download, ‘So Fades’, starts with an up-tempo bass line, which is quickly joined by a guitar piece seemingly taken from Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’. After a spoken line from Quigley it launches into the main riff. The track continues until another spoken line introduces a guitar break followed by a screamo section to end. Although the timing strays slightly from time to time, the song is powerful, emotional and well worth downloading from their myspace account. The second available download, dubbed ‘Track Four’, has a slower, mellower beginning in much the same style. With its beautiful guitar riff, the vocals could be a little softer than they are but the addition of the “skemo” breakdown twists a different edge into the music and makes up for that. Altogether, ‘Track Four’ is a better crafted song than ‘So Fades’, with more high and low points to keep the listener interested. A few, small alterations that are bound to come naturally within the course of the group’s life, and ‘So Fades The Glory’ could really make something of themselves on the South’s scene. Click here check them out.