CD Review - The Forcefedlies EP
by Matthew Butler

No nonsense rock” roars the press release. Unfortunately, this so often translates as turgid/backward/clueless (delete as appropriate) rock, all in the name of ‘really meaning it, maaan’. Serotonin just about manage to steer clear of these pitfalls, thanks to a giddy edginess tantamount to a drunken stumble along cliff tops. Despite constant explosions of guitars (think Muse in terms of grandeur) which threaten to blow the band into over-intensiveness, their unshakable belief in melody is the safety rail to which they constantly cling. This is best shown on ‘Blindfolded Bombers’ in which a sheltered vocal pleads amongst a blitzkrieg of guitar attacks before the all-clear is given allowing for a middle section sounding like a lost verse from ‘Norwegian Wood’. This inventiveness marks the Winchester three-piece apart from most bands intent on conquering that big band sound. Although they could stand to inject a little humour into their offerings, on this showing Serotonin may well have the last laugh yet.

The Forcefedlies EP is available to buy for £3 at all Serotonin gigs and selected independent record shops.