Lake Aurora

Lake Aurora - Snow Globe CD
by Louise Glyde

Lake Aurora had the good fortune to win the Battle of the Bands competition at 2005's Eastleigh festival. The four piece, consisting of Andrew Burnett, Josh, Steve Lawrence and Chris Lawrence all from Southampton, walked away with the top prize of a day in a recording studio. And judging by the sound of their CD 'Snow Globe', a spell in a professional recording studio would do them a world of good. The band seem to favour the sulky, grunge rock sound and this suits a couple of the tunes on the CD. However, the sound gets tedious after a while as there's little variation. It's heavily dependant on guitars and not much else. The boys do have a passion for their music though, which is obvious from their songs. Their song writing is emotive and tight, when you can make out what's being said. Lake Aurora have potential. Let's hope their time in the studio will produce a good quality sound that will make the band more accessible to future listeners. What would make them even more accessible would be if they matured in their song writing and music making and lightened up a little bit. CDs to their name to date are: Version of Events, Snow Globe, Soft Song EP and Music Noir. You can contact the band on