In October 2001, five young musicians from Southern England came together and formed ‘Jets Vs. Sharks’, a full-on punk hardcore explosion. Consisting of Ben, Joe, Bailey, Jack, and Tim, their influences include ‘Twofold’, ‘You're Smiling Now But Soon We'll All Be Demons’ and ‘When All Else Fails’. The two guitarists form a perfect union, illustrating just how well Tim’s melodic, spacious lead work can accompany Ben’s thrashing chords and the power thrust from Bailey’s bass playing and Jack’s extreme drumming style. Joe’s energetic vocals complete the Jets Vs Sharks assault, and any screaming or yelling is eagerly taken up by… well, anyone that feels like it at the time. Fans of bands such as ‘Funeral For A Friend’ and ‘The Used’ would be very interested in what Jets have to offer. JVS’ reason for forming a band was to have as much fun as possible and they certainly seem to have achieved this. Almost constant gigging since December 2001, 3 EPs, and a huge fan base indicate that JVS have overstepped the 'fun' target somewhat and are reaching for superior objectives. Despite their success, Jets Vs Sharks are adamant they want to remain as underground as possible - playing mainly DIY gigs, releasing on minor labels and calling anybody who does otherwise 'a bunch of fuckin’ losers'. Citing their future goals as “Sleep, eat, drink, fuck, watch, play, write, hear, record!”, Jets Vs Sharks are definitely a band to look out for and – speaking from experience – see live!