Fireapple Red Playing for the Volcom 'Bruce Movie' Premier at The Consortium

by Kid 73

One of the good things about being in a band has to be getting stuff for FREE, right? You don’t see any of the big bands paying for anything, they get a FREE ride wherever they go. It's either riding the rider, riding the wave of success to the bank or riding the sex mountain offered to them on a plate. Far from having to be a corporate lap dog, Fireapple Red have the good fortune to be sponsored by anti-corporate brands that actually support their music, not just expect that the bands come to heel when they're called. Volcom arranged a small tour for the video premier of their new film about surf legend in the making Bruce Irons and invited Fireapple Red along for a few select tour dates. As a Volcom-sponsored band, they not only get free clothes but they also get supported… good work if you can get it. So, after the crowed flocked to the venue, drank loads of beer and watched the film premier on two screens, the attention focused on the band now set to play. From the off FaR’s intent was obvious: We’re loud, shouty and we don’t give a fuck if you don’t want to move - we will force you if we have to. Forks of electricity and swirling, sonic balls of energy were blasted from the speakers as the band jumped around the stage, swung from the girders and sprayed the walls with sweat. Punk, hardcore and politically-loaded lyrics mean you're not in for some damp squib of a show. They bring a box of fireworks on stage and never fail to drop a spark into it…"oops, did we do that again?" BOOM! There goes the stage, kiss yer ass goodbye. They manage to play smooth and creamy hardcore, unmistakeably rock solid to the core, without sounding like they're just punishing their instruments, shouting and calling themselves 'hardcore' to get cash. They bridge the gap between wank and bank. By the end of the show they had managed to incite a small, compact and rowdy mosh pit of revellers who just couldn’t contain their angst any more. As the band came off stage everyone was shouting for the encore. I looked at one band member, with raised eyebrows. He looked back, drenched with sweat and said, “that’s it, that’s all we got!”. I believed him. After the set a nice Red Stripe surfboard was being given away. When the first two names drawn out got no response, the drummer of the band won the surfboard! He started laughing and in a genuine act of kindness said, “I don’t even surf… so give it to someone else”. The crowd were once again theirs and applauded riotously. Someone else won the board but FaR won a few more fans.