The Dynamics

The Dynamics - Thursday 18th August - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
by Tommy L

I’m certain that for a lot of lads being in a band is primarily a way to gain some admirers from the local female population. Based entirely on the high percentage of girls in the audience it may initially seem fair to suggest that could be part of The Dynamics’ grand plan. However, taking in a couple of their songs is all that’s needed to dispel this concept. Opening with a keyboard riff, the five-piece suddenly illuminated a fairy light strewn stage. Hitting the ground running and blistering through the opening few songs; they showed an air of superiority essential for any young band. Confident and brash, it’s clear they are heavily influenced by Oasis (personified by the singer’s Gallagher-esque drawl). But they’re no mere copycats. Utilising keyboards and synths gives them a different aspect to those Mancunian giants and with it, their own identity. This is further emphasised in some of the more rhythmic tracks - the band taking on a new dimension when the bass and drums take centre stage. That’s not to say the other instruments are sub-standard. From the wah wah and delay-riddled guitar solos to the keyboards, flowing effortlessly between subtlety and prominence, every one of the band members plays a crucial role in this set-up. Of course though, an indie band’s bread and butter has to be its melodies, and this is where the band truly excel. Anyone who managed to leave the gig without humming one of the tunes back to themselves on the walk home has far greater restraint than I could ever comprehend. After tonight’s display it’s no surprise to me that the Dynamics are one of Portsmouth’s hottest properties. Only time will tell whether their local success can translate nationally, but if they maintain this level of performance there’s every chance it will.