Plastic Toys - Live

The Joiners - 16th of July, 2005:

by Kurt Cooder

Stepping into The Joiners, taking note of the night’s posters and the clientèle, one might assume this was going to be a full-on, electronic goth-fest. Plastic Toys, by comparison to the other bands in terms of genre, seemed the outsiders of the night. But that certainly did them no harm. Glitter, streaks of pink everywhere, black make-up for the boys and girls... here are a band who aren’t afraid to experiment with, and flaunt, their brooding, sexual side. Nice. The sound was distinctively more mainstream than that of their bill-buddies, which consequently threw the crowd into fits of dancing and screaming - either inspired by, or aimed at, the sheer gorgeousness of the band members and the catchy, hook-laden, dark power-pop being thrust upon them. Disco beats and guitar licks that sounded like an amalgamation of T-Rex and Marilyn Manson; lyrics that ran a commentary on the pros and cons of debauchery, abuse, love, fame, death and all things that run through the minds of those hungry for something powerful, meaningful and surprisingly danceable. The electronica present was slight, yet undulating like an almost subconscious, unknown presence that subtly added glamour and presence to these dark, catchy songs. I got caught up in the questions, “are they Goth?” and “are they pop-punk?”, I was lost in the moment and I found myself craving more vocal harmonies… and some blood. To Plastic Toys I have this to say: If you bugger off to America, as you intend, they will love you - but you will be missed. This performance came as a grand and splendid surprise, particularly after hearing samples of the recorded material available online which, on reflection, barely does justice to what the band have to offer live.