Harlot - Profile

by J.C.H.C

The Isle of Wight, a sizzling hot bed of trees, grass, and the over 65s …did I mention the grass? Anyway, the majority of people when questioned will dismiss the Isle of Wight as a prehistoric land, always drifting along, 10 years in another direction to the mainland (you will be amazed to learn we have the light bulb) This is a common misconception, for just behind the façade of old buildings and glass shops is an inner core of teenagers making music for each other, blowing old people’s ear drums to pieces and giving the Island a music scene all of its own. One of those bands is Harlot. Previously known as Avenue, Harlot were formed around Easter 2004, brought together by Luke Hardy, former bassist and vocalist for The Final Word, another Island band. Harlot say they are heavily influenced by the likes of Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Sugarcult and Finch which gives them an obvious thrust into the punky, emo music scene. If this is your scene, you’ll probably have a soft spot for these guys. The influences are obvious in their music, with Luke’s vocals not dissimilar to Blink’s Tom Delonge. Their sound, particularly, ‘Lost in Motion’ is very Finch like. The band’s next move is the soon to be released ‘Taking A Lifetime To Realise You’re Dead’ EP. See their website for er... not a lot as it goes. Try their My Space site instead.