Dutch Husband @ Bournemouth's Consortium

¡Forward, Russia!, Snow White and Dutch Husband at The Consortium Sunday 17th July.

by Kid 73

“Sophistication? Don’t talk to me about sophistication, I’ve been to Leeds! Leeds is a growing scene for bands. One that is making people turn their heads round and their stereos up. Centre-scene are Dance To The Radio, a home-grown label grabbing the attention of all the right people. 'Whiskers', the head honcho, plays in a band at the forefront of the emerging scene - ¡Forward, Russia!. Tonight, ¡Forward, Russia! are the headliners, a slot they are slowly but surely becoming more accustomed to as venues up and down the country order a slice of the sonic boom for themselves. Fronted by Tom who seemed so at home I was expecting him to pull up an armchair. The chances of him doing so without jumping up and down on it, tearing out the stuffing like a 10-year-old on a bag of sugar, were fucking remote. The other band members also had ants in their pants and spazzed through their entire set list. Only Katie, the drummer who had just finished her A-levels, possessed a proper outlet for her rage. She pounded the drum skins until they screamed louder than the guitars. Punk, brash, they almost thrashed on occasion yet, in absolute contrast, applied kid gloves when the script demanded it. This proves they have mastered the versatility needed to make it in the game if they stick at it. More than a one trick, punk-pony; expect big things soon from ¡FR! Snow White should be renamed ‘Snow White-Noise’. Man, were they loud and proud! Thrashing every instrument within an inch of its pitiful life, it must be a tough job being played by this foursome. Writhing, skinny-assed, tight-trousered punks belting out song after song, none of which lasted more than 2.5 minutes, whilst trashing every ear drum in the establishment. If you could fight your way through the molasses of sound there were rhythms and vocals - but at its core was just a huge ball of frantic energy. Dutch Husband are the local talent for the night and, as they flit through their 7 song long play-list with composure and obvious musical talent, they only have to pull one “do-over” out of the bag. With the lead singer’s telling “Sub Pop” tee shirt and the penchant he has for turning his back on the crowd… you know there is some pent-up angst from the outset. Not only do they really have some talent but, strangely enough, they also have Jay from ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ on drums… how does that work then? Some songs seem to have a strange time line, almost like the band are not sure how to end them. With the effort they have obviously invested all they need is a good producer on board and all the boxes would be ticked. Think moody 70s rock with a dash of Seattle. What a night of live music! Like a pick and mix selection: Some were sour, some were sweet but it’s always good to get a mixed bag.