Bluejay Way - Profile

by Kid 73

For Bluejay Way and the sounds they interlock to produce their magic, being located on the coast must be ideal. It’s inspiring stuff being under blue skies, listening to songbirds, waves, and gentle sea breezes… (cue the scratching record sound)… ok, so they live in the UK and the weather is usually piss-poor no matter where you live. So it’s strange to have a band in a scene that isn’t Californian, harmonising for all they're worth. But there they are, Bluejay Way, a small slice of A.O.R. (Adult Orientated Rock - in case you were wondering). They bring back memories of Beach Boys and all because of their harmonies and retro, festival-worthy music. Strapped in Rickenbackers and proudly quoting Crosby, Stills and Nash alongside Teenage Fanclub as influences, I can see where they're coming from. You just have to imagine Crosby and gang without the dirt of the road and presumably the squabbles and fights that plagued their music. The strangest thing is that Bluejay Way are in a scene dominated by, well, everyone that sounds nothing like they do and they are rightfully proud of that. Proud too that they have the years of experience behind them and are able to offer a lot more besides angst-riddled impetuousness. They're deeper than that. Several incarnations on; the line-up is now cemented and they're about to get a second taste of the music industry. This time it's on their own label and, more importantly, their own terms. In words the band put together, Electric Breeze Records has a simple ethos:

“The dream of making millions doesn’t bother us. Getting our music to people does, and that’s the ONLY thing that matters. If the label can support itself through whatever money is made that will be enough. If it works for BJW then hopefully we can expand and take on other bands. As long as the songs are good enough who cares about age? That’s not our priority when we hear a song we like. If a song moves anybody enough to listen again, do they really care about the age of the artist?”