Rat:Daddy Profile

by Nick Haines

Have you noticed how the south coast of England in no way resembles California? Not that 4 guys from Southampton see this as an obstacle to purveying authentic testosterone fuelled stadium rock.

Rat:Daddy are presenting themselves to an increasingly more national public, gigging ever more widely and trying to persuade people that there’s more to adult orientated rock than just tight rhythm sections and even tighter trousers.

Ian Hardwick

Rat:Daddy are an old school kind of band, unashamedly so. If they were any more 80s they would wear make up and fans would ignite cigarette lighters at their gigs…what’s that, they do? Oh.

The band’s well designed official website gives plenty of info on the band; the chance to add your comments; download snippets of music and even invites you to compare them in stature to mighty Kraut rockers Scorpions, this in itself tells you something about where the band is coming from.

Jon Reynolds

Rat:Daddy sound a little like Bon Jovi, occasionally like Bryan Adams and are best experienced at one of their regular gigs where they are described thus: “The one thing I would say is that Rat Daddy are a must-see live, if you like their style of music their live show will rock you, it is so professional and way above most stage shows you will see this side of a stadium.

Gav McGough

For those who want to have their Rat at home, the band has two cds available,'We Should Be Going Crazy', which sold over 1000 copies at gigs and the notoriously difficult follow up, 'Dirty Stars.'

While Rat:Daddy are still at a formative stage, there is enough evidence to suggest that there is a songwriting team of quality at work, one whose live performances bring new life to a well-worn genre.

Tim Hardwick