Dragon Eye Morrison Profile

by Nick Haines

If you hoped that running for the hills was going to save you then think again. Some idiot opened Pandora’s Box and out popped Dragon Eye Morrison. If you like meticulously played, intelligent rock with a melodic edge then get the Hell out of here because DEM reckon that kinda stuff is for wimps. Dragon Eye Morrison are raging against a machine of some kind, it’s hard to be specific which one in particular when you’re being assaulted. DEM play so hard and fast and so damned loud that you’ll swear there was a gang of them as you explain to the Paramedics why you’re bleeding from every orifice. There are echoes of early Metallica and Slayer in there; DEM are a Def Jam America band, the one Rick Rubin should have signed over, well take your pick. You couldn’t say that Dragon Eye Morrison are fun exactly, even what they describe as their 'pop' song is an aural mugging, what you can say is that a band as loud as this isn’t going to be short of attention. The new EP ‘Pace Car of the Apocalypse’ should be freely available, subject to local arms limitation treaties and, when purchased alongside industrial strength earplugs, should provide hours of happy sonic maiming. You have been warned.