Are You A Budding Writer Or Photographer?

Want to try your hand at reviewing and interviewing? This website could be your springboard into the industry or you could just use it as a platform for your hobby. Whatever the case, email me by clicking here and we can have a natter if this sounds like you:

You are dedicated to your local music scene
You have PC access in, and out of, the academic holidays
You are reliable
You have good written skills
You have a broad knowledge of music
You are over 18
You have a good sense of humour

We can't pay you a sausage or a bean... or money come to that. But we can give you something money can't buy - the knowledge that you helped make a difference to your local music community. Fortunately you'll also get free gigs and band CDs, because we understand that all that 'greater good' bollocks doesn't always cut it.

We are also looking for photographers from all areas we cover, except Portsmouth. If you need a platform for your portfolio, you could do a lot worse than starting out here. If you're interested in joining the team click here to submit an example of your work to Picture Editor, Stuart Leech, or email him at